Who We Are

Music City Love on a Leash therapy pets are all privately owned and visit facilities on a regular basis. All Music City Love on a Leash members are volunteers in Davidson and surrounding counties, working to increase public awareness of pet provided therapy in Nashville TN.

Handler & Chapter Leader: Rebecca Pyle | Volunteers: Connelly and Nora

Rebecca serves as our chapter leader and Connelly is our only feline volunteer at this time. He loves going on visits with all of the dogs! Residents and patrons love hearing him talk to people and walk on a leash down the halls hugging the walls. He likes cuddling up next to people in bed or in a warm lap. His favorite thing is laser pointer time every evening. Member since 2017 – Serving Brentwood, Smyrna, & Mt. Juliet

Nora is Rebecca’s second cat to become certified with Love on a Leash. Rebecca and her husband adopted Nora in March of 2020 from their local shelter just as COVID was shutting things down. They loved getting to know her and spending so much extra time with her during quarantine. Nora loves people, especially kids and is very adventurous and sassy! Nothing much phases this girl but she is still always very opinionated about what’s going on around her.  Member since 2021 – Serving Brentwood, Smyrna, & Mt. Juliet

Handler: Beth Wilke | Volunteer: Biscuit

Biscuit is a friendly, out-going, medium-sized labradoodle, who loves lots of hugs and love! She loves to meeting new friends everywhere. When she is not serving as a pet therapy dog, she loves hiking in the woods and walks in the neighborhood. Member since 2021 – Serving Nashville & Franklin

Handler: Melanie Reid | Volunteer: Bloo
 musiccityloal@gmail.com | @bloo.heeler

Bloo is an energetic Australian Cattle Dog that loves to visit nursing homes. He enjoys giving lots of kisses and getting treats from the residents. When he’s not volunteering, Bloo loves to run around his yard, take naps in the sun, and play with his favorite stuffed toy fox. Member since 2020 – Serving Brentwood & Franklin

Handler: Leslie Reynolds | Volunteer: Blu

Blu is a gentle, sensitive gal who was born in the Blue Ridge Mountains. She thinks shes small, loves to sit on you and talk.  She loves people and will be your best friend if you have food…especially bananas! – Member since 2018 – Serving Franklin & Cool Springs

Handler: Elaine Hardeman | Volunteer: Dallas

Dallas is a sweet ball of fluff.  She is a 21 pound mini-golden doodle.  Dallas loves nothing more than to spend the day in someone’s lap or having her belly rubbed.  She is also the roll over queen and can roll almost all the way across a room, if given enough incentive.  She also gives high fives and many kisses.  When she is not serving as a therapy or hospice dog, she loves to play at home with her two 4-legged sisters.  We were certified members with LOAL in Lake County, Illinois since 2018 and are very happy to be now in the Nashville area.  – Serving – anywhere we are needed.

Handler: Christina Fry | Volunteer: Roger

Roger came to us as my son’s young dog. When my son’s job took him overseas Roger came to stay and never left. He’s 1/2 Great Dane and 1/2 chocolate lab. He’s a tender hearted guy but big. He lives to fetch, frisbee and swim and loves kids. – Member since 2016 – Serving Gallatin & Portland

Handler: Chelcee Albert | Volunteer: Pheona

Pheona is our Doberman volunteer. She is still young but is well behaved and learning quickly. She is working towards her champion in confirmation and also competes in obedience and rally at this time. She is a very smart and active girl, so we are always looking for new fun and challenges. Pheona is a very gentle and sweet individual and loves getting hugs and snuggles, her favorite thing is getting her butt scratched and leaning on her new favorite people. – Member since 2019 – Serving in the North Nashville region.

Handler: Debby Locke | Volunteer: Josie

Josie is a boxer, and was one of the first members of our chapter. She’s been brightening people’s days through therapy visits since 2015. Because she is a big girl, she is commonly referred to as a boy, so we try to have her nails polished with pink or red for visits. She loves to play with a tennis ball and work puzzles. Although she is a tad shy, she warms up pretty quick and loves her job. – Member since 2015 – Serving Sumner County and the Madison area

Handler: Tonya Malzone | Volunteer: Zoey

Zoey is a Havanese. Her birthday is November 22, 2010, but she’s only getting better with age.  She enjoys meeting new friends and visiting with old ones. Zoey is very calm and loves it when she gets her belly rubbed. – Member since 2015 – Serving Lebanon and Murfreesboro

Handler: Ron Tatlock | Volunteer: Callie

Callie is Ron’s second LOAL Therapy Pet.  Callie is a cute 10 lb. Cavachon.  She loves everyone and has never met a stranger.  She loves all ages so is great with children as well as elderly and everyone between.  We have enjoyed visiting classrooms, places of employment, and even the Nashville Airport.  We do well with other teams and Callie especially likes working with Connelly, the cat.  It is a joy to see the smiles that come on people’s faces when they meet Callie.  She loves it and is always glad to lie in their lap or offer her belly for a good rub.  It is our honor and great joy to share her love and bring smiles to others. – Member since 2013 – Serving Lebanon, Mt. Juliet, Hermitage, Murfreesboro, and Hendersonville

Handler: Donna Pullen | Volunteer: Tucker

Tucker is a 7-pound Papillon.  He is full of energy and very loving.  We started with LOAL in California when he was 1 year old.  When we moved to Tennessee it was such a joy to find Music City LOAL so we could continue to volunteer.  We currently go to school once a week where the kids read to him.  He also loves to greet passengers at the airport.  He loves to play with his “baby” stuffed animal, snuggle, & take walks. – Member since 2015 – Serving Mt Juliet, Hermitage, & East of Nashville.

Handler: Debbie Rankin | Volunteer: Gem

Gem is a gentle, calm and loving Golden Retriever.  She loves to place her head in your hands as you pet her. Her chocolate brown eyes have been described by many people as “ soulful”. – Member since 2018 – Serving Brentwood, Franklin and Downtown Nashville.

Handler: Trisha Stanley | Volunteer: Meg

Meet Meg, the “Goldador” 50% golden retriever, 50% lab, and 100% gold. ADORABLE!  She loves all people, and is known to be generous with her kisses.  Meg has an affinity for swimming and water play, but also enjoys camping/hiking, and chasing squirrels, rabbits, tennis balls, and Frisbees.  She has been proud to be a member of Love on a Leash since 2019 – Serving the Franklin area.

Handler: Jeannette Bodnar | Volunteer: Lily

Lily is a sweet redhead whose soulful brown eyes will melt your heart. Her goals in life are to spread love and shred every single stuffed toy to get the squeaker.  She’s a sporty gal who likes chasing balls, walking through tall grass, swimming and long walks. You usually can find her laying in the sun to relax – Members since 2014 – Serving the Nashville area.

Handler: Alice Emberton-Feazell | Volunteer: Retha

Retha is a poochon (poodle/bichon mix) with a sincere love of people. She loves to be held and cuddled, or will sit on laps and give kisses. She loves all ages and is quite calm for her breed and size. She has been to schools, libraries, assisted living homes and special needs facilities. She loves them all!   Her favorite treat is sneaking the persimmons that fall from the tree in her yard every fall, which is what is pictured here in her mouth!   – Member since 2017 – Serving the greater Nashville and surrounding areas.

Handler: Judy Hackett| Volunteer: Passion

Passion is a Border Collie who is very outgoing.  She loves to visit children and adults. Her skills go beyond therapy into dog sports such as obedience, conformation, agility and herding. She is a very proud to be a member of Love On A Leash. – Member since 2017 – Serving Brentwood & Franklin

Handler: Tonya Farmer| Volunteer: Wolf

Tonya’s step-father was a veterinarian so she grew up surrounded by dogs! She and her Army veteran husband adopted Wolf from a young man joining the Marines right as their son was being deployed to Korea. They each needed the other and the timing couldn’t have been more perfect.  Wolf is a former show dog and has a sweet, gentle and loving spirit that is perfect for visiting Memory Care Centers, schools, special events and hospitals.  But, this team’s favorite sessions are at the Veteran’s Administration where they can repay those that have given so much, even a little.  Tonya and Wolf are both honored to be a part of such a special program! – Member since 2020 – Serving the Nashville area  

Handler: Jo Johnson​​ | Volunteers: George

Jo serves with her son’s dog George who is a Bulldog. George is an attention getter and has a very vivacious personality. He loves to stand up on the side of the beds and say hello to people. People always light up when they see George! Serving the Wilson County area – Member since 2015 

Handler: Trista Elizondo​​ | Volunteers: Scully

Scully is a Goldendoodle from Southern California. She has been volunteering for Love on a Leash since November of 2018. She loves going on visits and making people smile! She is super soft, fluffy and friendly!! She loves playing fetch, giving and getting hugs, going on walks, and playing with her toys. She is a super special part of our family and we love getting to share her with our community. – Member since 2018 – Serving Gallatin, Portland, White House, Hendersonville, Goodlettsville

Handler:  Sarah Cochran | Volunteer: Riley

Riley is a Brussels Griffon and one of the longest members of our chapter. Riley is a sweet and gentle girl who loves to visit nursing homes and local colleges. She has 3 sister “siblings” at home and her favorite visits are the ones with children. She knows just what to do to make people smile. – Member since 2013 – Serving Nashville

Co-Visit Teams

Handler: Katie Fleming | Volunteer: Gunner

Gunner is a Miniature American Shepherd with multiple AKC titles. He is still young but is very laid back and loving to both people and other animals.  Katie is a certified trainer and has had therapy dogs for over 20 years. She and Gunner often join us for visits. – Certified with ATD since 2020 – Serving the Lebanon area.

In Training

Handler: Alberto Arechiga | Volunteer: Lexie Marie

Lexie Marie is a Red Golden Retriever who was born in Illinois, and moved to Nashville in February of 2017. Her favorite toys usually have a squeaker in them, and everyone can relax because she has “The Grinch” toy under control and he will not be spoiling Christmas. Lexie Marie enjoys going for walks or adventures as dad likes to call them, and she’s a water girl – she loves to go swimming every chance she can get. She loves people and hopes to make the world a better place. – training team since 2020 – Serving the Nashville area.

Handler: Amanda Good | Volunteer: Coffey

Coffey is a Labrador/Weimaraner mix who loves going for walks and playing tug-of-war with her sister, Sniper. Her favorite toy is her chew bone, and she loves playing with her tennis ball and frisbee in the backyard. Coffey is a recently-certified therapy dog and is looking forward to serving the following areas — Brentwood, Franklin, Thompson’s Station and Spring Hill. – training team since 2020.

Handler: Tammy & George Kilgore | Volunteer: Judy
ttalgood@bellsouth.net  tpumpkin@bellsouth.net

Tammy & George Kilgore – Judy is a Goldador who loves playing fetch and meeting new people as well as other pets! She was born December 2018 and that Christmas spirit is evident because she adores dishing out loads of love, cuddles and snuggles. She has a fun, spunky spirit, never barks and lives to please. Training team since 2021 – Serving Nashville & Rutherford County

Handler: MaryKate “MK” Rosack | Volunteer: Narwal

Narwhal is a two-year old Snowshoe-Siamese-Tabby rescue cat.  When he’s not volunteering, Narwhal loves playing in water, heights, playing fetch, doing tricks for treats (sit and shake), and posting to his instagram account @thechroniclesofnarwhal.  Narwhal and MK recently relocated from Orlando, FL and live in Belle Meade.  – Member in training since 2021 – Currently serving Bellevue.

Handler: Teresa Gibbs | Volunteer: Teddy

Teddy is a Australian mix. He loves hugs, kisses and belly rubs!  He especially loves brightening the day of elderly people. When he’s not doing therapy dog visits, he loves going on neighborhood walks. – training team since 2020 – Serving the Franklin area.

Relocated Therapy Pets

Handler:  Glenn Kindred​​ | Volunteer: Comet

​​Comet is a Border Collie from Yorkshire, England. His owners brought him to Tennessee in 2014 and immediately started training him for pet therapy. He loves visiting people and bringing joy, smiles, and happiness. Comet’s favorite visits are with veterans at the VA hospital and people in assisted living facilities. They now live in Colorado where they continue to visit schools, nursing homes and bringing comfort to anyone they meet. – Member since 2014 – Serving Cortez, Colorado

Handler:  Glenn Kindred​​ | Volunteer: Graci

​Graci is also a Border Collie from Yorkshire, England. Her owners brought her the United States when I was 10 weeks old. Graci’s name means gift and she loves everyone and her favorite therapy visits are with kids. She love visiting schools, and anywhere there is a lot of energy.  It makes Graci’s day to hear people laughing and smiling. – Member since 2014 – Serving Cortez, Colorado

Handler: Amy Sloan | Volunteer: Koda

Amy is our previous chapter leader and served our chapter in that role for 4 years. She is currently training Koda, a Bernadoodle to join our group.  Koda is a young, energetic guy who loves everyone and just wants to play! What Amy loves most about volunteering is the sincere appreciation and joy pet therapy brings to others. – Member since 2014 – Serving Shelby Township, Michigan.

Retired Therapy Pets

Luke Fry – Luke, a border collie, was adopted when he was 4. He was pretty sick with heartworms, injuries and such. Once healed he wanted to give back to people for helping him and has done so trifold as he is the most empathetic soul ever.

Glitter Masters – Glitter is a certified farm dog who left her show career to stay at home and herd toddlers! She’s a sweet and smart Smooth Collie who loved volunteering with children and the elderly alike.

Ernie Ullyot – Ernie is a sweet Golden Doodle who was rescued from Mexico.  His handler, Roxanne Ullyot, split her volunteer time between Nashville and San Diego, so were very lucky to have them!  Curious and eager to meet anyone, you just couldn’t help smiling during a visit.

Dorie Ward – Dorie and her mom Judith-Ann served with us from 2015-2019 in the Franklin area. She was our chapter’s first feline volunteer! Dorie loved going and getting to visit her special friend in Franklin on a regular basis, however she had to step back from therapy when continuing to go on visits put her health at risk. She is a missed member of our group!

Therapy Angels

Axle Weatherford – was rescued by animal control when he was around 8 weeks old along with 127 other dogs from a animal hoarder’s horse barn. He was a parvo survivor and came out stronger than ever. He greatly impacted Jodi Weatherford’s life every day, competing in UpDog Challenge trials and even competed at the AKC Agility Nationals in 2018.  Axle had all of his AKC Trick Dog titles and his CGC, CGCU, and CGCA titles. Axle and his mom spent countless hours traveling all over, and joined LOAL so they could impact lives around their community. Axle has had tons of fun bringing happiness to everyone! – Member from 2016-2020 .

Coale Sloan – Coale and his mom Amy were a team from 2014-2018, visiting thousands of people. He was certified as a Canine Good Citizen, Advanced Therapy for LOAL, Distinguished Therapy for AKC, and READ. Besides “working” he loved to play ball, go to the dog park, and swim.  

Mannie Johnson – Jo served with her personal dog Mannie, the Australian Shepard from 2015-2020. Mannie knew an array of tricks and loved getting to show off for the people she visited. Mannie was R.E.A.D. (reading education assistance dog) certified, and had her Advanced therapy patch.

Marley Simms – Marley was a Great Dane that served from 2014-2020. He was one of the most gentle and loving dogs you ever met. He may have been 200 pounds, but he had an even bigger heart. His favorite treat was Girl Scout cookies. 

Peaches Tatlock – Peaches became the first Love on a Leash Therapy Pet in Middle Tennessee in 2013.  She was a beautiful Cocker/Bichon with a fun and loving spirit. Peaches loved everyone and was really great with children.  Her bobbed tail wiggled so fast that you might imagine it had broken off. She and Ron made many visits to nursing homes, special needs classrooms, The Ronald McDonald House and many other places.  Peaches received her advance therapy degree for visits with the elderly. Any time I asked her if she wanted to go to work she would run and stick her head into her LOL vest. Animals can do magical things with humans. For example; we visited a special needs class room. When we entered, we were told that one of the children was nonverbal and asked to start our visit with them. Within 5 minutes, that child was sitting on the floor talking to Peaches.  He then proceeded to read a book to her. The teacher, who had never heard him speak, was thrilled. Peaches succumbed to cancer late in 2016. She is very missed.