Why I Do It

“My husband and I do therapy visits with our two Border Collies, Comet and Graci. I am proud to be a founding member of the Music City Love on a Leash chapter.

I found Love on a Leash several years ago however, at the time, I did not have a dog with the right temperament. When it came time for us to get another dog, I searched for the right dog for us to do therapy work. I was sure that was my calling in life. My husband’s job took us to England and 8 years ago Comet came into our lives. On the way home from the breeder (a good friend), I told my husband I finally have my therapy dog. We came back to the USA (Labanon, TN) and first thing, I had Comet in classes to test for Love on a Leash therapy. He passed with flying colors. At the time, I was most interested in visits to the Veteran’s Hospital in Murfreesboro. With Music City chapter, we found ways to serve and visit all types of places and give back to the community. Amy Sloan, our chapter leader, works constantly to find places such as colleges, assisted living homes, the VA hospital children with special needs, and schools. Just to name a few.

I am so proud of the teams that go out every week and take their dog or cat to give back.

Through this program and this chapter has given both my dogs, husband and I more joy and happiness than I can express in words. I have made lasting friendships, given countless hours of joy, smiles to people that need a moment in time that only therapy pets can give them. It is like watching magic when Comet lays his head on a lap or lays in bed with an older person that is bed ridden. Or when Graci comforts a child that just wants to hug her. That moment is between my dog and the person needing love and understanding.”

Diana Kindred, with Comet and Graci

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